Elba Island awaits you for an uncompromising vacation

Elba Island awaits you for a unique holiday experience: for its crystal-clear sea, the beauty of its beaches, the outdoor activities, the natural richness of the landscape, and the all-encompassing cultural offer. Discover it with us.

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The Magnificent Seven

Capoliveri, Campo nell’Elba, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Rio. Seven towns, each with its own unique cultural and natural characteristics, one more special than the other.

Campo nell’Elba



Marciana Marina

Porto Azzurro



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How to get to Elba Island

Just 10 km from the Tuscan coast, getting to Elba Island is easier than you think.


10 things to do on Elba Island

The experiences, discoveries, and itineraries not to be missed for any reason in the world.

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Elba Island is famous for its scenic beauty, with white sandy beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea, and picturesque small villages. In the sections below, you can access a rich series of inspirations, suggestions, and tips to make the most of your even short vacation.