Nisportino Beach


Nisportino Beach

The beach in the wild.

The beach is deliberately left natural with the presence of logs washed ashore by waves and the beaching of posidonia leaves. The beach is free, with the possibility of rental services, not very crowded, loved especially because it is informal and secluded. From the cove, one ascends along a small steep and sunny path to the headland beyond which one reaches Mangani Beach or Cove of Hell.

Type of beach

Sand and pebbles

Recommended with winds of:

East Wind (E), Sirocco Wind (SE)

How to get there

From Rio nell'Elba, follow the road signs for Nisporto: at the junction for Nisportino, about 5 km remain. The road climbs to the ridge where there is a widening and a viewpoint, then begins to descend toward the sea with wide sweeping curves that offer the opportunity to admire spectacular sunsets. Nisportino can also be reached from Nisporto (about 4 km) by a narrower, more winding road.

Follow the navigator

By clicking on the beach icon on the map you can directly upload the route to your smartphone. Remember to turn on localization.


Snack bar
Ideal for families
Aquatic equipment rental
Underwater landscape
Car park
Free beach

Pet friendly

Elba is at the forefront of animal rights. The rule stipulates that each municipality may regulate access to strands more specifically.

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