Sant’Andrea Beach


Sant’Andrea Beach

Dunes, moon rocks and amazing views.

Sant'Andrea Beach amazes because one does not really expect it in Elba, Tuscany, a landscape of fine sand dunes surrounded by rocks that look like pressed ash, shaped into soft, almost artistic forms. The cliff is popular with those arriving by motorcycle from the scenic road on the west coast, while the beach with its shallow, calm seabed is frequented mainly by families with young children. The parking lot is not very large, so it is advisable to arrive early. The beach has a free part and an equipped part. Toward the free beach there is a small natural pool formed thanks to the rocks, where even the youngest children can play in the water. For young people and fishing enthusiasts, the reefs are great. On the left a path, partly protected by footbridges and rope railings, leads to beautiful coves and the rocks of Cote Piane. To the right of the beach a boardwalk leads to Cotoncello Beach. An inflatable boat rental service offers the opportunity to discover the many coves in the surrounding area.

Type of beach

Sand and pebbles

Recommended with winds of:

Sirocco Wind (SE), South Wind (S), Libeccio wind (SW)

How to get there

From Route 25 follow the signs to the small village of St. Andrew. After descending a series of narrow hairpin bends, one finds oneself directly on the beach.

Follow the navigator

By clicking on the beach icon on the map you can directly upload the route to your smartphone. Remember to turn on localization.


Play area for children
Snack bar
Ideal for sport lovers
Ideal for families
Aquatic equipment rental
Underwater landscape
Car park
Free beach
Nightlife & live music
Equipped beach

Pet friendly

Elba is at the forefront of animal rights. The rule stipulates that each municipality may regulate access to strands more specifically.

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