Hermitages and Chestnut groves

Hermitages and Chestnut groves

Chestnut groves on the north side of the island

From the village of Poggio, one of the most characteristic on Elba, you set off on a walk through the chestnut groves on the north side of the island. There you will find the first hidden sanctuary, the hermitage of San Cerbone. Not far away is the 'saint's cave', where the holy bishop's probable refuge was. The road continues through the shady 'Pedalta' valley. Here, panoramic views of the north coast of the island and the Tuscan coast accompany the route up to the second sanctuary. The small chapels of the Via Crucis mark the way to the 'Madonna del Monte' and to the places where Napoleon found peace, tranquillity and... the visit of his lover in August 1814. After refuelling at the Exedra spring, the route continues towards the panoramic terrace on Corsica of 'Serraventosa'. Final descent to the small town of Patresi.




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