Napoleon on holiday

Napoleon on holiday

From Marciana to the 'Madonna del Monte' sanctuary

We will reach the sanctuary of the 'Madonna del Monte', the most important mountain sanctuary on the island. We will encounter the hermitage that hosted the summer stay of exiled Napoleon where, amidst the peace of the chestnut grove and the isolation of the mountain, the meeting between the emperor and his Polish lover took place. An itinerary on the north-western slope of Monte Capanne, to discover the chestnut grove and its importance in the rural economy of the area. As we follow the route, we can observe the particular forms of erosion of the granite, which over the millennia have modelled the rocks into unmistakable shapes such as the 'Eagle Rock'. the 'Boulder Man', the 'Moor's Head'. After refuelling at the very cool spring in the exedra of the sanctuary, the route will continue, with the possibility of catching sight of some mouflons and birds of prey in flight, towards the panoramic terrace over Corsica of "Serraventosa" and from there on the way back.




Suitable for families

Estimated duration

90 minutes


5.6 km

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