XXV Grape Festival

XXV Grape Festival
Historical center of Capoliveri

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The weekend of October 6, 7 and 8 sees the return of the Grape Festival, the most important event in the ancient village of Elba and its traditions that have become world-famous over the years.

The Festival will begin on Friday, October 6, with children's and youth games. All challenges will be exciting and harvest-themed; at the end of the games the winning Ward will be awarded.

On Saturday, October 7, there will be the usual wine and food tastingevening with stands of Elba wine producers and in conjunction with that the "Dish Competition" that each Ward will prepare and present to a Jury. This will be followed by the Awarding of the winning Ward.

As for Sunday, October 8, there will be a lot of great news, welcomed by all with great enthusiasm. For this twenty-fifth anniversary of the Grape Festival, in fact, the winning Ward will be decreed by a popular jury, composed of the festival visitors themselves. They will be the ones, after visiting all the Wards, to express their preferences through a vote.

And just to allow everyone to take their time to visit the Wards and cast their votes, this year the Wards will open at the same time at 2 p.m., much earlier than in other years. Around 6 p.m., as usual, after the balloting there will be the awards ceremony, awarding the various prizes but most importantly proclaiming the winning Ward who will then be able to bring the Bacchus statue to their Ward.

After the winner is announced, the Festival will continue in the various Wards and the Square with musical entertainment.

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