A beat of wings for every flower
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A beat of wings for every flower

Delicate but robust, multicolored or camouflaged-the butterflies in Elba are all different and distinctive, but equally extraordinary.

From March to November, the Mediterranean scented air is colored with millions of wings. As small as they are sophisticated in the art of flight, each with its own color and pattern, butterflies brighten the island's atmosphere. The high variety of species, has made Elba an excellent observation platform, attracting international experts and subsequent meetings on the subject.

The most common butterflies on the island of Elba. Among the diurnal ones, you will have a chance to cross the Jason and the Macaon, but also the Blue Silvanus and the Thistle Vanessa, relaxing after her Mediterranean crossing from Africa to us. Get lost in the paths surrounded by helichrysum chasing a Cleopatra, and reach the nearest beach, to observe the Vanessa Atalanta. At night, however, you can discover the realm of moths: from the smallest, to the imposing Pear Tree Saturnia, whose life lasts but one summer, after a long, quiet existence as a fruit-gourmand caterpillar.

Discovering the Butterfly Sanctuary. High up on the ridge that connects Mount Perone to the summit of Capanne, you will find an interactive trail with explanatory fixed stations. Photos and information will accompany you on your discovery of the winged inhabitants of the area, who, attracted by the concentration of their favorite inflorescences, have chosen this place as their exceptional home. The so-called Butterfly Sanctuary, is dedicated to Ornella Casnati, a young and sensitive naturalist who, unfortunately, passed away prematurely, managed to capture the essence and naturalness of these beautiful creatures with her camera.

Exploring Elba in search of endemics and rarities. Living on the island-and only on the island-is the Coenonympha elbana, rare are the appearances of the wonderful Zerinthya polyxena. In any case, you can recognize them by taking advantage of the Park Notebooks and information panels scattered along the nature trails, or by participating in one of the many themed hikes that are organized during the Walking Festival, complete with experts at your disposal.

Because the ones we have mentioned above are just some of the butterflies you can encounter on the island of Elba, in its simple and vital nature. All you have to do is get carried away by the scent of flowers and set off on an exciting, colorful adventure.

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