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Sea for two

The intensity of the island will leave you breathless: light, colors and scents enhance passion.

Summer, the heat, the sun on wet skin, the salt tugging, the scent of the Mediterranean bush, and the release of endorphins all contribute to the feeling of well-being that comes with summer, and if you are in a couple the result will be even more overwhelming.

Elban's corners of paradise for two. The territory of Elba enhances these magical ingredients thanks to its very nature as an island, powerful and rich in mineral elements, which contribute to the formation of a landscape charged with colors, smells, energetic and magnetic intensity. The one hundred and fifty kilometers of coastline will enchant you with an unparalleled wealth of beaches and coves, large and small, for all tastes.

Waiting for the sunrise on the beach. Do you like to wake up early to see the sunrise, or keep late hours until the sun rises? Then the advice is to walk from Naregno to Capo Perla to Straccoligno and Calanova, and even further to the Costa dei Gabbiani: it will be spectacular to wait for the rising of our star lying on the beach. The consistency of the sea, in the first hours of summer light, will surprise you: by a mysterious play of currents, in fact, in those coves east of the Calamita promontory the water is motionless and of an adamantine transparency. If, on the other hand, you are in Porto Azzurro, you can see the sunrise from Barbarossa, as well as from Reale, Ortano, Rio Marina and Cavo. Sandwiched between the latter two locations, you will find Topinetti Beach, inherently wild and red-and-black in color due to the presence of fine iron filings, adorned with sea lilies on the mountain side.

Bathing at sunrise or sunset. Diving into the sea, just the two of you, when everyone else is still asleep has a mystical significance, like a poignant poem: for a moment a powerful energy filled with love and passion will flow through your couple. The excitement will be just as strong at sunset, at those beaches where you can contemplate the sun dipping into the sea, such as that of Innamorata, dedicated to all lovers, and also Lido, Lacona, the long and beautiful beach of Marina di Campo, the fashionable Cavoli, Fetovaia-a small fjord among the granite-and Le Tombe, a wild place, and Pomonte, with its granite slabs.

Check for yourself the physical perception of the different seas on the island. We had almost forgotten the great rocks of Sant'Andrea that wind up to Marciana Marina and then the beautiful Spartaia, Procchio, La Biodola, all the way to the white coasts to the north near Portoferraio: beautiful beaches such as Acquaviva, Sansone and Capo Bianco, Le Ghiaie, and up to the mythical Nisporto and Nisportino. Choose the scenario that suits you best, and make it your own.

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