Chestnut Week: all hikes, walks and outdoor activities.

Chestnut Week: all hikes, walks and outdoor activities.

A week to be lived at the rhythm of nature, observing and listening to the voice of the forest, the landscapes of our island, savoring the nuances of autumn, weaving knowledge, and finding, once again, the spirit of our land and our community.
Numerous outdoor activities are offered this year by Chestnut Week to explore Marciana, Poggio and the surrounding area. From cultural walks to workshops, treks to more challenging hikes, on trails and in the woods.

It starts on Sunday, October 22, during the Autumn Festival in Marciana, with two initiatives in the afternoon: a walk in the autumn forest with a Park Guide to discover colors and shapes of leaves, make a small collection and create your own sensory composition. For children and families. Meet at 3 p.m. at Marciana Park House - duration two hours - Difficulty: easy. Free event with reservations at 0565 908231.
Also at 3 p.m., a short walk with a visit to an exemplary chestnut grove with Italia Nostra and Prof. arch. Silvestre Ferruzzi, to talk about "History and traditions of the chestnut groves of Elba." Meet at 3 pm in front of the fountain at Fonte Napoleone in Poggio - 500 mt approx. - easy. Free event with reservations by calling 349 2268 501 or 391 75 600 39.

On Monday, Oct. 23, it is the turn of "Hidden before our eyes," the outdoor workshop with Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano on the themes of the relationship with the territory, its history and its networks of ecological, anthropic and economic relations. Mindfulness practices in nature, simulation and reflection on synchronic and diachronic relationship networks will be offered.
Meet at Marciana at 2 pm - Duration 3 hours. Free activity with reservations required, tel. 3290822185.

Legambiente also organized two outdoor workshops for both Primary and Secondary schools in Marciana with activities to explore both the environment and relationships between people through the five senses.

Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 10 a.m. the walk with the Pedalta Association, now a must-attend event during Chestnut Week. The "Flower Trail" with meeting at the square of the Pisan Fortress in Marciana at 9:30 a.m. Duration approx. 5 hours, medium level, on trails 110, GTE, 101. Recommended hiking clothing; bring packed lunch and water.

Thursday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. "The Chestnut Trees of the Bollero Valley" hike with the C.A.I. Elba Island section. Meet in Patresi in front of hotel Belmare at 10 a.m.-duration 5 hours-descent 500 m. - length 7.5 km. - Difficulty: E. Hiking shoes and water required, packed lunch recommended. Chaperone: Claudio Nardelli. Free activity with reservation required at 3469453927 , email:

Saturday, Oct. 28, the Madonna del Monte walk with historical reenactment Napoleon Experience; departure from Marciana at 10 a.m.

Sunday, Oct. 29, from Marciana to Poggio along ancient neighboring roads. Trekking to discover Apennine-type vegetation along the slopes of Elba's mountain, Mt. Huts. The extensive chestnut groves have been exploited for fruit and timber in the past, an interesting example of a sustainable economy that will be covered during the walk. Along the way, stop at the Hermitage of San Cerbone, then return to Poggio to taste typical products at the "Castagnata" stands. Meeting: 10 a.m. at the Park House in Marciana - difficulty medium/easy - duration 3 hours - Free by reservation at 0565 908231.

Established in 2020 as part of e-art (a project of the Municipality of Marciana that distinguishes actions aimed at enhancing the territory, sustainability and cultural heritage-"land/environment, art/culture, heart/identity"), Chestnut Week was created to promote the autumn period from the cultural, environmental, tourism and food and wine points of view with initiatives that involve visitors in a real "experience."

The event is organized by the Municipality of Marciana and Pro Loco Marciana Elba under the patronage of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and the Council of Europe's Phoenicians' Route with the collaboration and adhesion of numerous partners: the National Association City of the Chestnut Tree, S.M.A.R.T. (Sistema Museale dell'Arcipelago Toscano), Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano, Club Alpino Italiano Isola d'Elba, Italia Nostra Arcipelago Toscano, World Biodiversity Association, Accademia degli Infarinati, Associazione Pedalta, Associazione Il Rifugio, Circolo Amici di Poggio.

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