From the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death to the mountain bike world championships, 2021 on Elba Island will be unforgettable

From the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death to the mountain bike world championships, 2021 on Elba Island will be unforgettable

Operators are working to build a schedule full of events And initiatives to reconfirm a successful tourist season on the island

The island of Elba, the large "capital" island of the Tuscan Archipelago, after a busy 2020 that, despite the difficulties, saw it at the top of the charts of Italians' preferences, turns its gaze to the next 12 months and the two major events that will enliven the island's schedule.

In fact, 2021 will be a year in the spotlight for Elba, which will be the protagonist of the bicentennial of Napoleon Bonaparte and will host, in addition to numerous initiatives dedicated to all outdoor activities, the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships. Two iconic moments that will make it possible to engage and attract diverse visitors, expanding the already large audience that chooses the wild island of Elba as a vacation destination.

"For the bicentennial of Napoleon's death, the goal is to create a Napoleonic week that will become a recurring annual event, capable of offering those who wish it a vacation that is also rich in history and culture, with a view to edutainment. We are already in contact with important associations such as The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities and Route Napoleon are also organizing this important anniversary with us," said Niccol├▓ Censi, Coordinator Tourism Associate Management of the Island of Elba. "The year 2021 will also be a year dedicated to sports: on October 2 the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships will be held in Elba, but the island already in May and then again in October will celebrate two wheels and outdoor sports with the Elba Sport Fest, an event where all guests, amateurs and not, can try their hand at training followed by personal trainers, in introductory courses for adults and children, discover the secrets of great champions in an informal way perhaps over a glass of wine."

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