Sports & Outdoors on the island of Elba

Sports & Outdoors on the island of Elba

The island of Elba, also known as "the island of sports," is one of the most versatile and richly scenic sports destinations. Not only for professionals but also for simple enthusiasts, families or groups of friends!


The site of international team retreats, Elba is one of the most popular destinations in the Italian scene, from cross country to road cycling. It is possible both to rent and arrive by your own means via ferry. For families, it remains popular to ride bicycles (or even e-bikes) to reach beaches or their day's destination.
For the more adrenaline-fueled instead? Downhill, with the right precautions, is probably the answer you've been looking for.
An experience for groups of friends? Bike rentals and an intense day at the Capoliveri Bike Park!

Diving & snorkeling

Diving Lessons? Diving and Snorkeling are a source of surprises not to be ignored. Sometimes, the simplest of swims, with mask and snorkel can hold unforgettable experiences that you will remember forever. On the other hand, for the more experienced or for those who would like to try their hand at a more complex experience for the first time, the underwater excursion to the Elviscott wreck is definitely "breathtaking"!

Trekking and hiking

Enchanted landscapes, nature trails, discovering hidden places and incredible biodiversity. You can expect all this from a very simple excursion to the island of Elba.
I numerosi percorsi CAI, which meet every requirement in terms of difficulty, venture into an extremely varied landscape: lunar settings on the east side, endless granite expanses on the west side, and the island's highest peak, Mount Capanne, the place where Elban nature expresses itself to its fullest potential, a legendary route, the GTE, that crosses the entire island.

Surfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling

Elba Island's strategic location exposes it to all major winds. Therefore, every day, you can go hunting for the perfect wave. Surfing and Windsurfing, as opposed to SUP , (don't remember them being difficult or impractical) are sports that require some experience; it is possible to take lessons, for the less experienced, at the many sailing centers also found on the most popular beaches. SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) is a booming sport, an alternative method, during beautiful summer days, to explore Elba's coastline and its enchanting hidden coves.

Kayaking and canoeing

Evergreens among the most popular activities on Elba, Kayaking and Canoeing , are pure fun in contact with nature. You can choose simple itineraries in the surrounding area, or real rowing trips, which run along certain stretches of the Elban coastline. In these cases, if you are not familiar with these sports, it is always a good idea to ask the person renting you the equipment for information: tide, currents, bad weather, etc. Again, the encounter with a quiet little beach or a remote islet offers the chance to spend a different half-day that will make you go home (exhausted put a positive adjective) happy!

Free climbing

In some places, there are bolted routes installed by FASI - Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana, but these are not guaranteed for the 2022 season. At the moment, there are no active guides on the island, but we can point you to the best places: Madonna del Monte; San Bartolomeo above Chiessi; the Arrow at Pomonte; the Costa del Sole between Secchetto and Fetovaia; San Francesco Severo on Mount Perone; the Ginepro Crag; Grotta del Ginepro, on the Costa dei Gabbiani, where the Remaiolo Crag is also located; the Bay of Pirates; Monte di Cote on Mount Capanne; and Mount Giove near Marciana.

Whether you are looking for a vacation destination, a retreat place for sportsmen or just an inspiring destination where you can simply relax; you might want to think about Elba Island!

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Mines of Rio Marina

Strategic location for the large amount of hematite and limonite immediately identified by the emperor as soon as he landed on the island as a strategic-military axis.
Location: Rio Marina

Paolina Beach

The beach is named after the islet a few meters from the shore, itself named after Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister who, according to a legend (probably created by a tourism entrepreneur in the 1960s) loved to sunbathe on these rocks.

Location: Marciana

San Martino Villa

Designated as a summer residence, Napoleon purchased the property from the Manganaro family in 1814, with the intention of transforming it into a comfortable and refined abode that would have nothing to envy from Parisian residences.

Location: Località San Martino (Portoferraio)

Mulini Villa

Built in 1724 by Grand Duke Gaston de’ Medici, it was Napoleon’s city residence during his first stay on Elba Island.

Location: Portoferraio

Sanctuary of Monserrato

It was built as a sign of gratitude in 1606 by José Pons y León of the Dukes of Arcos, Spanish governor of Naples and first governor of the square of Longone (part of the state of principals). In September 1814 Napoleon, accompanied by Pons and Bertrand wanted to visit the sanctuary.

Location: Località Monserrato (Portoazzurro)

MUM Mineralogical Museum

While the Elban economy today is based on tourism, the fact remains that the people of San Piero and the west coast (Pomonte) have also lived and continue to live off their granite and marble

Location: San Piero in Campo

Port and Tower of Marciana Marina

Visit the harbor where Maria Walewska landed and the armed watchtower visited by Napoleon himself in 1814

Location: Marciana Marina