The Butterfly Festival goes international

The Butterfly Festival goes international

Despite several concurrent events and uncertain weather, the Butterfly Festival was once again a great success and the 15th anniversary of the Ornella Casnati Butterfly Sanctuary on Monte Perone was attended by more than 150 people (not counting non-registered gatecrashers and trekkers who stopped for a snack or a glass of wine).

Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano makes this known in a note.

"And it was an international celebration that saw the participation of a large group of French people," commented Legambiente, "as well as Dutch, German, Swiss and, for the first time, two Chinese, all once again fascinated by the butterflies and stunned by the beauty of Elba's mountains and its seascapes, which slowly cleared away the clouds to reveal the intense colours of an island that never ceases to amaze. The participants in the walk, including several children and happy dogs, were divided into groups to listen to the entomologists from the University of Florence led by Leonardo Dapporto, the vice-president of the World Biodivversity Association Leonardo Forbicioni, and the guides from the National Park and Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano, in a slow trek that was also a science lesson among the thorny cushions of the Desolean broom from which, higher up, the rare Elba violets peeped out and the Capanne cornflowers crawled close by.

"Greeting the fragmented procession, first timidly and then made brave by the sun, were many small butterflies, the Elban corinne, who also celebrated this singular form of protection and knowledge that also attracted a troupe from Télévision française 1, the most important French television channel that will soon broadcast a long report on the Elba butterfly sanctuary, the Festival and the great scientific, knowledge and environmental volunteer work it has initiated. - continue from Legambiente - Waiting for the walkers to return to the Monte Perone meadow were micchette from the Poggio bakery, onions from Patresi offered by Vincenzo of the Hotel Belmare, goat cheese from the San Piero shepherd, water from the Castagnone and wine from Arrighi, and the feast turned into a picnic under the shade of the pines, cheered by the wonderful music and voices of the Ravanatera band".

"It was all very nice, beautiful, and simple, as we know how to do at the Cigno Verde,'' concludes Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano president Maria Frangioni with satisfaction, ''and the Ravanatera, with their music that speaks of Elba's past and future, were the final stroke of genius in a festival that was also that of the Republic and its small municipalities. The festival must have been enjoyed from up there too, as someone first cleared Monte Perone of clouds and then made it rain only after we had dismantled everything. Thank you all for this beautiful day'.


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