Short stays

Short stays in Elba

How many days to visit the island of Elba?

If you are asking yourself this question, it means that, in addition to a day trip, you are (rightly) thinking about spending a little extra time on what is (just as rightly) considered one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Tyrrhenian Sea. And not only that.

When to go to the island of Elba

Another very common question: when to go to the island of Elba ? Actually, this island is worth visiting all year round. The best time depends solely on the type of vacation you would like to experience.

Spring and autumn

Sports and hiking


Beaches and entertainment


Relaxation and traditions

Four ideas for seeing Elba

Elba in 7 days

Elba in 3 days

Elba in 2 days

Elba in one day

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